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Monetize your LMS website
The best LMS platform should offer various monetization options to make it possible for you to grow your business and increase your revenue. MasterStudy LMS does it. You will find such features as online payment gateways, one-time purchase, subscription options, membership plans, and much more.

One-time purchase

Enable a one-time purchase option for users to take payments via a single transaction. A one-time payment is a convenient way of purchasing the products, especially for users who are interested in a specific item.

Membership Plans

Let users know about all the benefits of membership plans. Enable the subscription to your courses that give certain advantages to students. Make them an active member of your services for a specific period, entitling them to specific benefits that you offer.


MasterStudy LMS is compatible with the best eCommerce WordPress plugin. On your website, you can easily sell courses and webinars as a WooCommerce product and maintain all the financial transactions with just this one powerful plugin.

Stripe and PayPal

Online payment gateways are vital when you are dealing with online sales. Use the most popular and modern payment options such as Stripe and PayPal. Set them up with no effort and provide your customers with the best experience ever.

Paid Membership Pro

One more great WordPress Plugin — Paid Membership Pro that will help you to create and manage smart subscription plans for your clients with recurring payments. Enjoy the perfect subscription management system and offer customers multiple options.

Sell courses & memberships with WooCommerce

This powerful integration connects WooCommerce with your MasterStudy courses. The plugin provides you with flexible eCommerce options. The combination of these two systems gives access to statistics tools, allows implementation of WooCommerce payment gateway, enables shopping cart and product creation.

WooCommerce is a big tool that solves all selling issues. With this solution, you can:

Take control over the checkout experience

Customize the My Account area for your customers

Sell courses as well as physical products

Use a payment gateway other than Stripe, PayPal

Course Bundles

A perfect way to increase the number of items sold and your profit. Sell courses in bundles, providing your customers more value and creating for them more interesting offers with an advantageous pricing system.

Affiliate Program

Become a member of the affiliate program. Make a profit from being a partner of services such as Udemy. Import courses from the platform and earn commissions from every sale you handle on your website.