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MasterStudy v 4.2.2: Setup Wizard and new LMS Settings built on Nuxy framework

Version: 4.2.2 February 4, 2021

We are excited to introduce the new LMS Setup Wizard! The Wizard is aimed to help go through the initial setup process and quickly prepare your website for work. 

To help you better understand the LMS software, we came up with the idea to integrate the LMS Wizard. The Wizard will help you to configure the settings depending on the decision to build a site for a single teacher or create a marketplace.

It opens right after the demo import and sets the direction of your further setup. 

At the first step, you need to select the nature of your future website – will it be the marketplace or website for an instructor. 

All in all, the wizard walks you through 7 easy steps.

> You start with the business model, where you select whether you are going to make a marketplace or single instructor website.

> After that, there is a General section allowing to create LMS pages, set admin commission, and enable WooCommerce and guest checkout.

> On the Courses stage, you can define how the course page will look. Select the page layout, choose how many courses to display per page and per row.

> Next is the single course page setup giving you the opportunity to select the course style, choose what tabs to display on the page.

> Right after that, the Wizard will offer you to tune the curriculum, namely to choose quiz style and lesson style.

> One more step choosing the Profile style and you are all set. 

The new look of LMS Settings

We are also glad to present the new look of the LMS Settings panel that was built on the new framework Nuxy. Nuxy is the original framework created by our team which is positioned as a developer helper to build complicated options with extra logic, encapsulated from the main Application. 

This is the framework where you can create fields to use in the options page, post types, and even in categories or taxonomies. So, in one framework you can create all options-related stuff in different plugins and themes.

Enjoy the new look and easily navigate through the settings. 

Check all the improvements and fixes in the full changelog:

IMPROVEMENT: Event time included in Event Info module

IMPROVEMENT: Event price included in Event Info module

IMPROVEMENT: ‘Free’ price label added for free products

IMPROVEMENT: Redirect to MasterStudy LMS after demo import added

IMPROVEMENT: Plugin Setup Wizard added

IMPROVEMENT: ‘Become instructor’ option added in the user profile

IMPROVEMENT: Added unique classes to user profile navigation menu  

IMPROVEMENT: Added validation to Lost Password box

IMPROVEMENT: Navigation menu badges added

FIXED: Category mega-menu

FIXED: WooCommerce product catalog settings fixed

FIXED: Featured teacher module in Classic LMS 2 layout

FIXED: Image appearance in testimonials section Style 1

FIXED: Certificate Template name editing bug

FIXED: Assignment pagination

FIXED: Draft courses excluded from Gradebook

FIXED: Manage course notice about disabled tabs

FIXED: Drip content dependencies

FIXED: Empty category view (0 subcategories) in the search filter

FIXED: STM LMS Courses grid module title

FIXED: Registration error text fixed

FIXED: Quiz answer “0” treating as incorrect answer bug

FIXED: Manage course loading view on frontend

FIXED: ‘Lost password’ option on mobile

FIXED: A membership plan with No available courses in a subscription will not appear as a purchase option for the course

FIXED: Paginated quiz first/last buttons inactive when on first/last question respectively

FIXED: Question bank adding several banks fixed

FIXED: Login button text changed

FIXED: ‘Become instructor’ button is hidden for logged-in instructors

FIXED: Courses filter category bug

FIXED: Translations with VUE variable {field} fixed

FIXED: LMS pages conflict with Elementor Pro

FIXED: Emails are not being sent when the Email Template addon disabled

UPD: New LMS Settings section is built on CFTO framework

UPD: Translations updated

UPD: Slider Revolution updated to 6.3.9

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