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Create an amazing study atmosphere with MaterStudy Live Stream Lessons and teach anything from anywhere.

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Live Streams

Live streams provide a tremendous opportunity for tutors to make online webinars supported with online live chat and lecture materials. Teachers may read the question online and answer them. Unlike other webinars and online streams, the Live Stream will not be deleted. Instead, students will find webinars and online lessons on the account page even if they missed the webinar.

Live Preview

Live Chat

Students might be able to follow the lecture and immediately ask questions from tutors while the lecturer explains the topic. Students will feel on-hand assistance from the lecturer. As a consequence, the lectures will be more engaging and understandable to students.

Lesson Materials

Tutors can stream the lecture and include their presentations and content to the Live Stream. Students will see the lecturer and the study materials simultaneously on the screen. The supported lecture materials as a presentation or any other content ensure that tutors will be able to transmit the same amount of the information as in the usual class.

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