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Multiple Lesson Types

Integrate multiple lesson styles — with MasterStudy you can create anything you want


Text is the primary and one of the common resources when it comes to studying. A functional editor lets you design the lesson in the fastest and most convenient way. You will see that even text lessons can be interesting, good-looking and interactive.

  • Comprehensive text editor
  • Ability to insert media files
  • Online preview mode


Another way to engage the students is to combine text and appealing visuals and prepare some slides. Slides are a very popular way to distribute learning materials, and in MasterStudy you can freely use this format for the lessons. This type increases visual impact and improves learners' focus.

  • Engaging and interactive
  • Increase visual impact
  • Great force to structure the lecture


Learning by video lessons is considered effective and interactive. With MasterStudy you can create lessons with video content by using such resources as YouTube and Vimeo for embedding the links, or upload video files from your computer.

  • Ability to continue watching from the point you left
  • Videos are easier accepted by students
  • More comfortable to watch on small screens


Live streams make digital education possible, more accessible to students around the world. With live streaming feature you can conduct lessons in real life using such video platforms as YouTube and Vimeo, and the powerful service of Zoom. Schedule lessons, сommunicate with students in real time and take Q&A sessions during the stream.

  • Boosts online education interaction
  • Allows to take Q&A sessions
  • Has wider audience potential

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