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Group Courses
The Group Courses feature is fully suitable in case if you want to sell your courses to the companies and organizations

Bulk Licenses Purchases

Companies will buy multiple “seats” for your course instead of a single course. It can dramatically increase your sales and save buyers time. They will need to buy it only once, instead of doing it dozens or hundreds of times

Automatic Group Creation

After purchasing a bulk course the group will be created automatically by the buyer. Lately, the group leader (admin) can transfer his permissions to another user.

Group Monitoring and Control

The group admin will have the opportunity to add and remove members of the group. We have developed a front-end panel where the group admin will be able to control the progress of the group members.

Live Preview

Adding Users to Groups via CSV Import

Users can also be added to groups via a CSV import. If you have 10+ students at a time, adding each one individually would be a deal-breaker. CSV users import will allow you to save your valuable time.

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