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Powerful Front-end
Course Builder
Easily build professional course with flexible and user-friendly front-end course builder
An easy-to-use front-end builder
All you need is just a few simple steps to get your course ready. User-friendly and functional builder allows you to work out every part of the course starting from the title and ending with the curriculum.
Smart setup wizard
Not sure what to do next? Just follow the setup wizard, it takes you through all the necessary steps to build and edit your course. You can easily hide all the hints once you’re confident with the builder.
Developed for educational needs
The builder was designed specifically for learning needs. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to create a consistent curriculum with proper sections of lessons, tests, questions and learning.
Publishing and managing options
Control your courses on every stage. Once you finish building, publish the course and make it available for purchase. Or save it as drafted in order to save the edits and change anything later.
Course parameters and requirements
Specify all the necessary data to get your students as much information as possible: indicate the course level, its duration, price, et category and more.
Multimedia files support
Builder allows you to use media files of different types. Upload them as course materials as additional attachments or use them within the content to make courses more attractive.

Course drafts

Not ready to publish the course? Save the draft version of it, and access it any time to apply changes if needed. Change the status of published courses to drafted if you need to hide them, or vice versa.

Live preview

Course materials

With course attachments you can upload various files to the course in order to make the learning content more interesting and replete. Work with the option doesn't require any specific actions - just upload the files of any format directly from your PC.

FAQ + Announcements

Support your courses with additional information like FAQ section and announcements to provide students and site visitors with important information. Make courses more communicative.

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