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Education LMS Theme

MasterStudy LMS is a revolutionary education WordPress theme, with clear, powerful, and agile usabilities. The choice of hundreds of people for presenting and delivering online education.

Access and enjoy the communication system, look through lesson overviews, read FAQs, check announcements or leave reviews and attend your favorite courses.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as we ascend down all the beautiful features MasterStudy has to offer.

Online Courses
for WordPress

A one-of-a-kind Learning Management System, which offers incredible online courses in different styles filled out with lessons, quizzes and assignments.
Course Building

Course Building

Explore the unlimited possibilities with a unique frontend course builder which makes the creation process faster and much easier.
Manage Curriculum

Manage Curriculum

Online courses have a detailed learning plan divided into structural sections with lessons and quizzes to complete.
Attach course materials

Attach course materials

The courses’ content can be as diverse as you want thanks to the ability of attaching different types of files directly to the course or lesson.
Easily build and sell your online courses providing the best user experience for your students through the beautiful and functional learning management system.

Interactive Lessons

MasterStudy offers interactive lessons, which come in three variations. You can accomplish different tasks with offered lesson types: video, text, and slides. Select the variation you need or mix it up and build attractive, informative and engaging lessons.

Each lesson has comments sections, so your students can ask questions whenever they need to. This creates unique and user-friendly communication methods.

Quizzes and Questions

What’s a course without a quiz? With a flexible quiz-system, teachers can create quizzes with any type of question: single answer, multiple-choice questions, true or false, keywords, item match and fill the gap and image match/choice.

Quizzes supplied with a countdown timer and are capable of displaying the correct answers. With such a feature like quiz taking you will boost the productivity of your students and inspire them to work harder.

User-friendly interface

MasterStudy is very easy to navigate through for both students and instructors, Every user after registration has a personal profile.

For instructors there are two layouts available — with vertical and horizontal menu, which ensure the uninterrupted access to different parts of the site. Teachers can use their profile as an overview of lessons, courses, quizzes, so they know exactly how their students and courses are performing.

Students can check their progress, and continue paused lessons, check quiz scores, and purchase courses or membership plans.


One of the most significant parts of MasterStudy extended functionality is its integration with the popular WordPress plugins and education services. In the Theme bundle you will get a gamification tool GamiPress, a wonderful service for better communication BuddyPress, ability to use the best video conferencing tool Zoom, and much more.

Strong Payment System

For our customers convenience we made MasterStudy compatible with online payment gateways and such plugins as WooCommerce and Paid Membership PRO. Students can enjoy flexible payment methods like PayPal and Stripe, choose between monthly or annual subscription plans or one-time purchase options.

MasterStudy Mobile App

If you want to go beyond the desktop screen, you can get our Mobile LMS App. The theme offers you the unique opportunity to create a learning app for iOS or Android system — you choose. Synchronize the app with your LMS website and deliver courses directly to the mobile devices of your students.

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