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A fully packed education WordPress theme for everyone who wants to create online courses, coaching, and language centers, eLearning platforms, and deliver knowledge worldwide. It is a perfect education theme that was designed to meet the needs of the learning industry.


We prepared the best demos so you could build a functional and beautiful educational website. Masterstudy has 18 unique Templates to choose from. You can find more standard and classic as well as neoteric. Try one of them to make sure there are no similar products.
  • Course Creation

    It has never been easier! No need to type any line of code. Building courses is as easy as breathing if you have a magic Front-end course builder. Super convenient and transparent builder, visual composer plugin and functional drag and drop tools - everything at hand to make it as easy as possible.

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  • LMS Backend Management

    Build impressive courses easily thanks to the amazing, powerful yet simple LMS Backend UX. By making it user-oriented, efficient, and simple we wanted you to get the maximum use from the backend panel. Being visually attractive, the learning system also manages great to keep a clear and concise structure of the admin panel so you could instinctively navigate through options.

  • Lesson Types

    Don’t stick to the one type of lesson. Take advantage of the options provided. We developed Masterstudy LMS with a well-defined approach in mind. And the main point of this was to make it diverse.





  • 6 Types of Video Lessons

    Displaying and integrating videos in your courses has never been easier.

    HTML (MP4) HTML (MP4)
    YouTube YouTube
    Vimeo Vimeo
    External Link External Link
    Embed Embed
    Presto Player Presto Player
  • Zoom Video

    Enjoy the flexibility of the powerful features of Zoom Web Conferencing and get access directly through MasterStudy LMS thanks to Zoom integration. Schools and Universities can enhance their virtual programs by allowing their learners to access high-quality video sessions through desktop and mobile. Create and manage Zoom Meetings directly from your LMS!

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  • Lessons Live Streaming

    The more is yet to come! Think there is a lack of live communication and interaction? We have considered it and launched a Live Stream, so you can conduct lectures in real-time. Communicate with the students, stream lessons, allow learners to follow the content and ask questions straight away via the comment section.

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Advanced Quizzes options allow you to create interesting quiz samples. Strengthen the learning and make up manually graded tests and exams with different question types.
Learning Management System WordPress
Best LMS for WordPress
Learning Management System for WordPress
Multi Select
Learning Management System in WordPress
Fill the Gap
Learning Management System WordPress
Best LMS for WordPress
Learning Management System for WordPress
Image Choice
Learning Management System in WordPress
Image Matching
Use question bank to create categories.
Create categories with Question Bank
Randomize question automatically
Automatically randomize questions
Set up automated quiz results
Set up automated quiz results
Allow quiz retaking
Allow students to retake quizzes
Attach any media files
Attach media files of different types
Time Laps quizes
Set timers for taking quizzes
  • Multiple types
    of questions

    Use your imagination and play with the types, build difficult, engaging and interesting quizzes. This flexible functionality allows you to create content that will not be repeated.

    Learning Management System WordPress
    Best LMS for WordPress
    Best Quizzes for WordPress
    Learning Management System in WordPress
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    Quiz Review

    Conduct a thorough review of students’ quiz results, check their answers, and identify the possible pitfalls. Take the detailed review and detect the gaps in their knowledge, so you could initiate lesson revision if needed.

    Quiz Review
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Manage Courses

Take full control over the courses. Here are some features you actually need to use.
  • H5P Integration
  • Course Attachments
  • Course Summary
  • Gradebook

Engaging courses with H5P

Create and use interactive content on your website thanks to the H5P integration. Try new ways to engage your students and explore multiple options to make your course more interesting. Gamify the site with video tours, presentations, charts, and unlimited types of quizzes. 

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Education Themes

Course attachments

Attach learning materials directly to the course or lesson. The nice and handy interface will make it really simple to upload any type of files, offering more value to your students.

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Education Themes

Course Summary

Check your status and results after finishing the course on the Course Summary Page. This function will summarize your successes and showcase the results.

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SCORM Education Themes


Analyze statistics about the students: who attend, who complete the course and who have passed the quizzes.

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Education Themes

Masterstudy Pro Addons included

Certificate Builder
Certificate Builder

Design your certificate template using the modern and easy-to-use builder.

Email Template Manager
Email Template Manager

Create different message templates and send users custom notifications.

Content Drip
Content Drip

Roll out lessons sequentially in numerical order after completion, or set your own sequence.

LMS Forms Editor
LMS Forms Editor

Customize the LMS forms on your website with the professional forms editor

Group Courses
Group Courses

Sell your courses to the companies and organizations and allow group enrollments.

The Gradebook
The Gradebook

Get statistics for students performance and check attendance, passing and completion rate.


Set prerequisites requiring students to accomplish one course before taking the other.


Create interesting tasks and ask students to upload projects or write an essay.

Zoom Conference
Zoom Conference

Create meetings and webinars directly on your website via Zoom integration.

Online Testing
Online Testing

Use the shortcode of any quiz to paste it on any page and test in online mode.

Statistics and Payout
Statistics and Payout

Control your site finances with an accurate statistics data and a strong management of sales.

Live Streaming

Stream lessons give an opportunity for students to listen, see and follow the instructor in live mode.

Course Bundles
Course Bundles

Group courses into packages and sell them at one discount price.

Media File Manager
Media File Manager

Control LMS file uploading process while creating e-learning content.

Trial Courses
Trial Courses

Make the lesson of the course free and open to the public, so visitors could try before enrolling.


Add one more instructor to the course to provide more effective learning experience.

Point System
Point System

Award points to students for different activities on your website and boost the motivation.


Use different content authoring tools to create courses and sell them with your LMS.

Udemy Importer
Udemy Importer

Import courses from the Udemy platform by a few clicks and get a commission from every sale.

Google Classrooms
Google Classrooms

Import your classes from Google Classroom account to your website.


Revive your website and engage users with tones of integrations.
  • SCORM Integration
  • bbPress Integration
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • Gamipress Integration


Want to use different content authoring tools for developing courses? You can do it and still make courses compatible with your LMS!

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SCORM Integration

bbPress Integration

Simple yet powerful software that allows easily add forums to the courses. Let only enrolled students view content and post new topics.

LMS Education

BuddyPress Integration

Build any kind of community website using WordPress, with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more.

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Educational LMS

GamiPress Integration

Easily add gamification and activity events to your online courses, increase engagement of your students and make the website interactive.

Education LMS
Best LMS WordPress

User Friendly


One of the main advantages of Mastestudy is a simple interface. Everything is created for users’ convenience.

The theme is fully compatible with the most popular page builder. A perfect match of MasterStudy and Elementor with its easy-to-use drag and drop system and advanced tools making the website building effortless and fast.

  • Course Styles

    Control appearance and structure of the course with the kit of style options. Set up your course based on your teaching style.

  • Simplify Content Interaction

    Courses filter
    Filter the courses

    Enable course filtering by price, category, subcategory, status, levels, and ratings.

    Courses wishlist
    Course wishlist

    Apply the “like” button on your website, allow users to add courses they like to the wishlist for later purchase.

    Courses rating
    Course ratings

    Enable a course rating system and allow learners to extend the opinion and help others to evaluate the content.

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    Education Themes

    Lessons & Quizzes Styles

    Well structured and creatively designed lesson pages and user-friendly quizzes with the possibility to change pagination style.


      Create interesting tasks and ask students to upload projects or write an essay.


      Chat between instructor and student provides an efficient way to communicate related to the course.


      Instructors can easily write and publish important messages or updates for their students to stay informed.


      A dedicated space for students to share their ideas and thoughts, which runs to the discussion within the course.

    WordPress Education



    Effortlessly import Udemy courses and get commissions from every sale.

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    Access to popular payment methods like Paypal, Stripe, WooCommerce. Allow your students to set up recurring subscriptions and payments for the course bundles.
    WordPress LMS Theme
    Create membership plans and manage the number of courses available on the subscription.
    LMS WordPress Theme
    Sell courses with WooCommerce as packaged products.
    Education WordPress Theme end One-Time Purchase
    One-time Purchase
    Configure a one-time purchase option for users to take payments via single transaction.
    LMS Theme for WordPress
    Affiliate Program
    Additional feature in the Point System allowing to add affiliate link for users to share and earn points.
    LMS Theme WordPress
    Easily establish Instant online payments via PayPal — the most popular payment gateway.
    WordPress Theme LMS
    Sell courses online with one-time and recurring payment options, thanks to Stripe integration.

      Award points to students for different activities on your website and boost the motivation.


      Group courses into packages and sell them at one discount price.


      Control your site finances with an accurate statistics data and a strong management of sales.


      Sell your courses to the companies and organizations and allow group enrollments.


    Masterstudy integrates only with the most helpful tools. With the full package of integrations, you can extend the functionality of your website and design it to comply with your vision.
    Elementor Page Builder
    WPBakery Page Builder
    LMS WooCommerce
    Education WordPress
    Courses WordPress Theme
    Course WordPress Theme
    WordPress Themes for Courses
    Courses Theme WordPress
    Google Classrooms
    Contact Form 7
    • Mobile LMS App for iOS & Android

      MasterStudy App for LMS is a mobile learning application to start eLearning fast and let the students take courses on the go. The app was based on the idea of the frequent presence of modern users on the mobile platform.

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      SCORM Education Themes
    Education Themes

    Translation Ready

    Translate your website to any language you want. With the theme supporting multiple languages you can make the content available for people all over the globe.

    Easily prepare the website for different audiences with MasterStudy Theme ready to be translated to the language you want!


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    Get Masterstudy and create the best educational website

    Enjoy a handy course builder and pick the ready-made site templates. Drive courses, give out points and award students with certificates. Market and sell single course or bundles to earn great revenue from eager learners and corporations from all over the globe. Build your own e-learning business today!

    Education and LMS WordPress Themes: what does it all mean?

    Educational websites and eLearning, in general, are getting more popular day by day. New technologies and innovations appear very quickly, and new ways of interaction between students and teachers are replacing the standard class teaching. Many students prefer distance learning activities over offline education. Institutions and learning centers support their choice and provide more options for them. As users always tend to move towards the highest degree of convenience.

    In conditions of high demand for remote studying, there is a demand for good and reliable online platforms and systems that is increasing.

    What is Online Education?

    Let's start with the defining process of online education. First of all, we get our knowledge from the Internet when we study online. There we usually use such sources as online video tutorials and lectures combined and bundled in courses, live presentations and webinars, ebooks, and slideshows. Sometimes, we need to complement these activities with tasks to retain gathered information. This involves different quizzes, projects, and assignments. And it becomes more convenient and practical if everything described is accessible in one place. So the need for a particular learning platform or website arises.

    Website as a Mean of Gaining Knowledge

    Today one of the most popular systems used for the creation of similar websites is WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to build your own website even for non-technical users with no coding skills. WordPress is a huge platform and community unifying web and theme developers. WP themes are referred to as a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website. You can change and manage them as you want. There are thousands of themes available for free or on a paid basis. Themes are developed for every niche in existence. Sports, business, travel, lifestyle, education website owners can pay for affordable products that are sure to increase their chances of success.

    You can also use included WordPress plugin to add more features to your education platform. For example, you can integrate statistics and automate payouts or add the co-instructor to the course with the addons in LMS WordPress plugin.

    No worries about installation, high level of user-friendliness and customization, interactive tools and fast loading speeds, and all other features can definitely add value to any website.

    What is Learning Management WordPress Theme?

    This is a point when we come to education and LMS WordPress (WP) themes that are used for eLearning websites with online courses. In a more detailed review, LMS or learning management system is a set of tools and programs that allow you to create, manage and monitor different types of online training and courses. For instance, you have a goal to open an online school. There are too many things to consider. How will you deliver information & How will you evaluate students’ progress? How will you communicate with your learners? To answer these questions and come up with solutions, there is an LMS that suits all requirements. It provides the instructor with the opportunity to organize distance lectures and seminars, distribute the workload of students, monitor their activities, upload materials, and maintain students’ achievements. Sounds similar to our regular studies, except for one detail, everything is conducted online.

    You will find your favorite WordPress plugins, which can be integrated into MasterStudy LMS. So that you can make use of the plugin to elevate your e-learning platform.

    What Does LMS Themes provide?

    LMS WordPress Themes usually represent practical toolset for creating online courses. It allows creating an educational environment where people can study in the same mode as it would be offline. In other words, there are instructors and students and conditions for their interactions such as messaging systems, video lectures, tasks and assessments. Usually, both sides have their personal profiles via which they can communicate and share knowledge. The objective of the LMS WordPress theme here is to provide the technicalities to build and manage the system. It includes tools and functions to enable all the necessary components for the LMS. It could be a course builder allowing you to create and compose the online course. A builder from its side contains other elements such as the quiz and lesson settings.

    Often, education WP themes are even used by universities, colleges, institutes and different kinds of learning centers. They built whole platforms to make it possible for everyone to take courses and webinars online. To do this they do not need to hire designers and developers. It is enough to download WordPress and a good theme to make high-quality websites. As they developed specifically for learning needs and are supplied by the primary equipment that is required to build learning management systems.

    Premium learning management system themes are the best way to set up the website with online courses, especially if you are an individual instructor. Many of the educational themes have built-in functionality that will help you to offer online courses. With the theme, you can provide as much information as possible to the audience and let them learn more about your offerings.

    Usually, that type of WP theme is a complete solution for the LMS website. It has a good design to make sure the website is looking great and includes functional components. Everything is easy and ready to use for anyone. Also, you can use your website not only as a business card but as a tool for popularizing your learning resource and promoting the basic or additional services that you provide.

    Who Can Use Education WP Themes?

    But who is really targeting users of WP Online Course Theme? First of all, this could be individuals who want to build markets for online course distribution, such as Udemy or SkillShare. Then, there are companies willing to set up their own training system to go internal. Also, a big percentage of LMS users are customers creating free or premium online courses for sale. And finally, different educational institutions that provide online programs in addition to offline classes.

    While picking the best LMS WP Theme, pay attention to the following criteria:
    • SEO optimization.
    • High-speed performance.
    • Good UX score, and aesthetic quality.
    • Customization options.
    • Demos collection.
    • Hierarchy of eLearning WordPress themes.
    • Feature-rich.
    • Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendliness.

    As we can see, educational themes are accessible to anyone and can provide you with a package of powerful functions. Today, when remote education is so popular, this is a tool worthy of attention. If you have an idea of creating a learning platform, we recommend you to use WordPress powered websites and find a perfect LMS theme for it.

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